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Noting the smaller than usual crowd for the annual Mass and celebration of Catholic schools, Archbishop Vigneron thanked the students and teachers for coming to the cathedral to celebrate the Eucharist and offer up all their studies and hard work to God. The Mass featured students from various schools reading from Scripture and offering the prayers of the faithful.

Archbishop Vigneron used his homily to ask the students what subjects they were learning in school and reflecting on why they go to Catholic schools to learn. Who here is reading Shakespeare? Archbishop Vigneron told the students their education is a means to an end. The students go to school and learn so they use what they learn to do good works in the world, and it is through those good works that they offer glory and praise to God. We want you to be prepared, but we have a grander vision at Catholic schools, a deeper vision about what education is about.

They are for preparing to do the good works that belong to the Christian disciple. In everything you do in school, you are being prepared to give witness to Jesus Christ, to love Christ and give glory to God.

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Archbishop Vigneron said Catholic schools exist to form saints in the world and prepare souls to become saints in the next. He further added that all the studies, homework, tests and service hours Catholic school students complete throughout the year can be offered up on the same altar of sacrifice as the Holy Eucharist.

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That is what our schools are about, to help us offer a sacrifice alongside the sacrifice of Christ, who offered His body and blood for our salvation. Student Essays on Impact of Catholic Education.

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April 1 , Catholic Schools Week is a time for to celebrate all that Catholic education has to offer. This year, during Catholic Schools Week, the Office of Schools hosted an essay contest to hear from students how their lives have been impacted by attending a Catholic school. The below essays were selected as the top five!

Marcel Williams- St. I was surrounded by people who led me to be a bad kid. After leaving the public school, I went to Lakeview Middle School.

Student Essays on Impact of Catholic Education

I hated it so much. Everyone was mean. Then, the summer of sixth grade, my neighbor, [St.

Archdiocese of Louisville Celebrates National Catholic Schools Week

Joseph Middle School teacher] Don Shafer, asked me to join his football team. It was a St. My 7th-grade year, I transferred to St. Joseph and, honestly, I was a little nervous. But with the help my teachers provided and the support of my friends, I began to love it. I was not baptized until the 8th grade. Just after one year at St. Joseph, my belief in God and feeling more comfortable talking and praying to Him became very easy.

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Our 8th-grade Confirmation is probably my favorite memory of middle school. On the day of our Confirmation, I also received my First Communion. I still remember, after Confirmation, Bishop Bradley and Fr. John Fleckenstein coming up to me and congratulating me.

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Now I continue to live the Faith. Philip Church. Going to St. Joseph Catholic Middle School and St.

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  • Philip Catholic Central High School was the best thing that ever happened to me because not only do I have friends, I have a family of friends and teachers. I have attended Lake Michigan Catholic since the seventh grade, and I can say it was one of the best decisions that my parents ever made for me. As a school, they have a fine tuned and rigorous course selection that challenges students, and prods them to act and study to the fullness of their potential.

    I have had the blessing to take several AP and college courses, which will allow me to enter into college with a semester of credits taken care of. Because the class size is small, it allows us to form close bonds with each other, and allows teachers to teach to students on an individual level. No student is ever overlooked, left behind, or dismissed.

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    A deep will to see everyone succeed is present in every teacher in the building. I know my teachers and fellow students in a way that makes us feel more of a family rather than acquainted classmates, and for that, I am grateful. The fulfilment of the spirit is on the flip side of the coin. LMC has held student Masses every week once a day, opportunities for penance are frequently available with the student chaplains that work around the school, regular visits to the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel, and prayer is held before every class.

    LMC has helped instill in me a deep reverence for the ways of God, and getting to experience Christ in the Liturgy outside of Sunday has been a tremendous blessing, seeing and feeling how much it feeds the soul. Former Pastors Father Jim and Father Tom, alongside present Pastors Father Bob, Harry, Arul, and Ben have been helping me from my arrival to achieve a devoutness in my spiritual life that I never would have reached on my own initiative.

    While I was never one for sports, when I entered into the Track and Field team, I was welcomed with open arms.