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What are the reasons for genetically modifying children and what ethical effects could this have? How does excessive cell phone use impact childrens health? The causes and the effects of advanced AI on society.

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How does AI create problems for privacy in society and why would it exist to cause problems? The causes and the effects of retroviruses in the body. What are the reasons behind mass migration from LEDCs and what effects will this have on the global economy? Why is public surveillance on the rise and how does this impact privacy?

What makes computer games so addictive and what effects can they have on childrens cognitive development? Why do tech startups start and why do they usually fail? The reasons for putting more digital teaching in schools and how this will affect the learning process. The causes and the effects of harsh censorship in society. What problems do computer games pose for addiction in children and why are they so addictive?

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The reasons to teach coding in schools and what effects could this have. The reasons for GM foods and the likely effects. The needs to do genetic testing and what the implications will be. For what reasons could people use technology harmfully and why would they do this? What would the reasons behind censoring the internet be and what effects would this have? How has globalization changed the IT industry and what effects will this produce in the future? What are the reasons for identity cards and the effects on society?

The reasons behind stem cell research and the effects of it on medicine. What use does IVF have in family life and is it necessary? The general causes of war and the sociological effects. Why do states control people and what effects does this have? What reasons do insurance companies have for monitoring health policies and what are the implications for poor people? What reasons would grant bodies have for funding stem cell research and what would be the implications? The causes and effects of technology used to artificially inseminate human beings.

The reasons behind free education and the benefits to society. What psychological effects does virtual reality bring to humans and why are we constantly developing it? The effects that cultural appropriation can have and the reasons behind it. Order Now Cause and effect essay ideas on food, nature, and health The causes and effects of obesity on public health.

The reasons why people exercise and the psychological effects. The reasons behind developing AIDS vaccines and what benefits could this bring.

The effects of obesity on biology and the reasons for it. Why do adults develop smallpox and why is this more dangerous than in children? Why do people engage in extreme sports and what problems does this bring? Why are some people not able to sleep and what effect does insomnia have? The reasons behind GM foods and why some people have criticized their effects. Why do people start smoking and what biological effects does it have?

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The reasons for playing dangerous sports and its effects on health. Why cot death happens sometimes and how can it damage family life? The reasons why people like seafood and the negative effects of eating it. The causes and effects of a decline in fish stocks. The reasons as to why autistic children suffer in social situations. The causes and effects of depression in adolescents. The reasons people play sumo and the health impacts. What causes stress and what are its effects on intestine functioning? Why is a balanced diet guaranteed to bring positive benefits?

Why do some children have bad moods and what effects does this have on the family? The causes and effects of endurance sports on hormonal function. Cause and effect essay topics on sports The causes and effects of injury when lifting weights. The reasons why people play football and the effects.

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Why do referees get abuse and what effect does this have on them? The causes of muscular pain and the effects. The negative impact of boxing. The causes and effects of injury in badminton. Why do people get traumas in sport and what are their effects in later life? The origins of rugby and its effect on society. The effects of painful injuries on children in sport. The origins of acupuncture in sport and the effects. The causes and effects of rioting in sport. The reasons for wearing protective gear and the benefits of it.

The reasons why football is so popular and its origins. The reasons for pushing heart rate and the effects. The benefits of core training and the reasons why people do it. We hope that the cause and effect essay topics above will get you thinking along the right lines. Any topics for cause and effect essay writing can come from here or from your mind, so get thinking!

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What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

Anti-Fraud Policy. This complexity is another reason why organizing your thoughts and ideas into an outline prior to writing a cause and effect essay is essential. Without adequate planning, you might miss an event in the causal chain or fail to make relationships between events in the causal chain clear. There are two major ways to organize a cause and effect essay: many effects stem from one cause or many causes lead to one effect.

In this type of essay, you are outlining all the effects stemming from a single cause. It is critical as you approach a cause and effect essay that you make the relationships between the effects and cause clear, as in the preceding example. If you address many causes at the same time as many effects, it will be unclear to the reader how they are connected to each other.

As you can see in this outline, a number of immediate and long-term health and psychosocial effects many effects stem from childhood obesity one cause. If you choose to organize your essay in this manner, it is important to clarify for your reader that while there could be multiple causes for the discussed effects, your essay is focused on one specific cause.

For example, there are many potential causes of the effects listed in the outline, but this essay is focused on childhood obesity as the cause of those effects. In this type of essay, you are outlining all the causes leading to a single effect. Again, avoid including more than one effect or it will be unclear which cause led to which effect. In this outline, the cost and availability of healthy foods, changes in the education system, family structure, and perception of decreased safety many causes lead to childhood obesity one effect that the writer will develop when he or she writes this essay.

Whether you need to explain why a war happened or what happens when one adopts a regular exercise regimen, cause and effect essays are common college assignments. An understanding of how to organize a cause and effect essay will ensure that you develop a successful essay. Additionally, you can use the same technique when explaining to your boss why you should purchase a particular new piece of software.