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Teens cant drive at all. They shouldn't be able to at all. People need to wake up and see the danger they are being put in. As a teen myself I see many kids just sitting on their phones all day.

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Not only are they expensive , but they are also very distracting. Many kids of 13 or 14 would be driving down the road and hear their phone go off and completely dismiss the road and answer the phone. Even though a few teens are responsible, not enough too many kids would treat driving as an activity rather than a tool.

Not every kid is responsible or mature enough to handle driving it would endanger too many people. You are not like a teenager where you know a lot of stuff. You will still be learning things from school and you could be having problems understanding a lot of things about driving.

You might think turn degrees to turn is to turn a whole way. This might cause even more crashes. Kids, nowadays are to reckless to be driving. Just imagined if they put a 13 year old kid at the wheel, there would be more crashes, which mean a higher rate of deaths. Someone is out of their mind to put a person younger than 16 at the wheel of a car.

If we allow year-olds to drive legally why not allow ten-year-olds to drive? It's because they are not fully developed both in the neurological and psychological sense, and in the mature sense. Same goes for thirteen, fifteen, and sixteen-year-olds. We cant forsake the studies that prove that minors, those under the age of 18, easily succumb to peer pressure, do not easily recognize dangerous situations, and are willing to disregard the rules in the search for an adrenaline rush.

If we don't trust them with guns, why trust them with something that weighs two tons and can go as fast as mph? To many teens dying from drinking and driving , texting and driving , speeding , too loud of music , to many distractions. Why do people say yes? Do you guys want too die or have more teenagers die in car crashes from mistakes?

I wouldn't want them to die. Ers causing accidents and not all teenagers a re irresponsible.

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Why shouldn't it be lowered. Teenagers are more prone to crash but it doesnt mean that all teenagers are.

Teen drivers aren't the only problem, what about all the intoxicated driveres and drugged drivers out there. Why not start paying more attention to them as well.

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It isnt the age that matters, I believe its the experience that counts. S causing accidents and not all teenagers a re irresponsible.

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Its not just teenagers causing accidents and not all teenagers a re irresponsible. I have read a lot of articles on how teen drivers cost lives. Teenagers and kids are very irresponsible. I can barely imagine the consequences of someone two years older than me getting behind the wheel of a car and going on the freeway.

In conclusion, lower and higher age limits for drivers may be the best solution for traffic accidents for road, therefore some countries want to establish this law on the roads. But governments should also include their law to check health condition of all drivers without their age.

But you said in your thesis that they should do.

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