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My passion for teaching!

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Passionate Teaching to Encourage Passionate Learning - Varsity Tutors Scholarship Essay

Why Work With Us? The ability to build relationships Teaching is so much more than just walking into a class and lecturing at the students.

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Cultural Sensitivity As an ESL teacher, you are teaching in a culture that is very different from your own, and which may have a drastically different approach to learning, discipline, and the student-teacher relationship. Learning a Second Language Yourself Nothing will make you more empathetic to your students than being in their position.

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Contributing Inquiry and Research in Education Essay

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Reach To Teach. I will continuously learn more about what I am teaching so I can be a better teacher. Meanwhile, I will also be learning a lot from my students. Some kids do not have a place where they feel comfortable enough to ask questions or be their most authentic selves. I want to be able to provide a place where people can grow at their own pace and enjoy doing it.

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Students can tell when their teacher does not want to be in a classroom. I had teachers that taught me the curriculum, whom I never really got to know, and because of that, they were just OK. I had teachers that didn't teach me the curriculum, but taught me life lessons instead, and those teachers were my favorite. I had teachers that didn't teach anything at all, and seeing them frustrated me.

Some kids enjoy having classes in which nothing productive is done, but it only ever irritated me. If I can have a classroom where people are excited to come learn, I'll feel like I've accomplished something grand. When I see younger kids succeeding, it makes me extremely happy.

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If I can help them in any way, I want to be able to do so. I love being asked a question and having the knowledge to answer it properly, and when I don't, I'm happy to figure it out. I also love getting to know people. Everyone is extremely unique and seeking to understand them is a great experience.

What I Love About Teaching

Seeing different perspectives is something I enjoy. I am an activist. I love learning. I want to provide a safe space. Subscribe to our Newsletter Thank you for signing up!