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I have always loved children, especially kindergarten through second grade children, so I was very excited about my position. Of course, I was incredibly nervous on my first day of teaching. Nonetheless, my first day in the classroom went better than I expected. My job as their teacher was to teach them the alphabet, how to spell words, and simple math, like counting.

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Though the learning content was not difficult, coming up with six weeks worth of lesson plans was something that I had never done before. At first, it was incredibly difficult for me to figure out what I should do for every day, but with time, the process got a little bit easier, and I started getting more creative with the lessons.

I had rarely found referrals to be effective because students would return from the office behaving worse than before. One day, Tyler was talking while I was teaching. In the middle of the lesson, I said in the same tone of voice, "Tyler why don't you join our discussion instead of having one of your own.

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I can't remember what he said other than that he included several profanity words. I sent Tyler to the office with a discipline referral, and he received a week's out-of-school suspension. To this point, this was one of my worst teaching experiences. I dreaded that class every day.

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Tyler's anger was almost too much for me. The week Tyler was out of school was a wonderful hiatus, and we got a lot accomplished as a class.

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However, the suspension week would soon come to an end, and I dreaded his return. On the day of Tyler's return, I stood at the door awaiting him. As soon as I saw him, I asked Tyler to talk to me for a moment. He seemed unhappy to do it but agreed. I told him that I wanted to start over with him. I also told him that if he felt like he was going to lose control in class, he had my permission to step outside the door for a moment to collect himself.


From that point on, Tyler was a changed student. He listened and he participated in class. He was a smart student, something I could finally witness in him. UNB is a very welcoming place, and from the first day, I felt at home here.

I have made many new friends from many different backgrounds. There are Vietnamese and Singaporean students on my floor in residence and that has allowed me an insight into their cultures. My classes are great and I enjoy every one of them, especially biology. The depth and detail of what we are leaning is far beyond my high school experience.

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It is just amazing to think that even the tiniest details on the subatomic level can have such a huge impact. My physics class is also interesting because it is physics for the Life Sciences.

In high school we discussed mechanical aspects of physics, but now we are relating them to organisms and movement. It has made me realize how everything action is related to forces.