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It's both an institution that shuts down young love and gives lost young people a place to belong.

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It's where power can be abused in a hypocritical manner, and where good people come together to help each other find salvation during their times of hardship. You're not going to find an easy answer to the question "Is Christianity awesome? This isn't a scantron test. This is life : where stepfathers can abuse their stepsons and still claim to be godly, and angry teenagers can find calm and hope through being saved… all under the same church roof. Where young rape victims can marry God-fearing men, only to find that those God-fearing men are cheaters and liars.

Where adolescent lovers can be gently steered away from premarital sex because a this is the s and birth control is shoddy and b the church community affectionately wants them to have full teenage years before they start making babies.

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If you want moral dubiousness, you've come to the right book. If you want things to be laid out in black and white… wait. Hold up. Actually, Go Tell It On the Mountain does lay some things out in black and white, because that's just how screwed-up race relations were in the America of the s.


Because although the Christian church is shown as both good and bad in this novel, racism is treated as a constant, omnipresent evil: instilling fear and a lot of anger in the African American characters that populate Baldwin's brilliant work. Ah, America. The Great Melting Pot, where people from all cultures are welcomed, treated equally, and encouraged to dance around like unicorns on a Lisa Frank binder. All rights reserved.

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  • I think that comes with the territory. A book has its own life.

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    • Any real artist will never be judged in the time of his time; whatever judgment is delivered in the time of his time cannot be trusted. He does not pretend to be unaffected by his eclipse in the marketplace. A book has a season, and it's a great mistake to think you can write a best-seller once a year.

      The book behind you is the book behind you; the book ahead of you is the book ahead of you. And a success can be as difficult to survive as a failure. When you're a success, if you believe it, you're finished.

      My Year in Re-Reading After 40: Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin

      He chuckles. The trick is to hold your nose when you're under and not get dizzy when you're up. Although he remains peripatetic, Mr. Baldwin views himself these days as a commuter rather than an expatriate, shuttling back and forth between St. Paul de Vence, France, and the United States. He rejects the label of expatriate - but when he taught last semester, as he will teach again next fall, at the Five College Consortium in Massachusetts, his subjects were the history of the expatriate novel and the history of the civil rights movement. Nevertheless, Mr.

      Baldwin says: ''Only white Americans can consider themselves to be expatriates.

      Go Tell It on the Mountain

      I am not that romantic. If I pretended I could leave America, I would be lost. Once I found myself on the other side of the ocean, I could see where I came from very clearly, and I could see that I carried myself, which is my home, with me. You can never escape that.

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