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Age determination of polar Crustacea using the autofluorescent pigment lipofuscin. Responses of benthic macroinvertebrates to whole lake manipulations of fish and nutrient loading rates. Role of non-timber forest produce in tribal economy of Madhya Pradesh with special reference to Harda District. Feeding physiology of the cold water appendicularian Oikopleura vanhoeffeni Tunicata. Surface layer ozone dynamics and air-snow interactions at Summit, Greenland. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Dept. On the design of the international climate policy regime.

Department of Economics, Hamburg University Germany , pp.

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Design and development of the database for management of biological and ecological systems in the lower part of Danube ecological system. Systems Ecology, University of Bucharest Romania , pp. Artificial and natural fluorescence of dissolved organic matter in the Tampa Bay Estuary. Costs and benefits of Daphnia antipredator behavior and consequences on community stability.

Feeding mechanisms and the significance of food selection in heterotrophic nanoflagellates. The ecology of scattering layer biota around Indian Ocean seamounts and islands.

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On the seasonal dynamics of Daphnia species in a shallow eutrophic lake. Microbial enzymatic degradation of organic substances in deep-sea sediments. The effects of inorganic and orgnic phosphates on aspects of physiology and reproduction in the sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Regime shifts in ecology and evolution. Dispersal and gene flow in freshwater invertebrates.

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Internal migration in response to disasters and longer term climatic variations. Assessing forest responses to climate change and resolving productivity measurements across spatial scales. Delineation of the hydrodynamics of Lake Michigan and Lake Baikal using satellite-derived surface temperatures. Hydrodynamics of marine macroalgae: biotic and physical determinants of drag.

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Integrating climate information into water resource decision making in South Florida. Biology, Stanford University United States , 83 pp.

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Structure and productivity of the pelagic microalgal community of the Laguna de Rocha. Hydrometeorology of a high Arctic glacier. Wind-evaporation feedback, angular momentum conservation, and the abrupt onset of monsoons. Modeling how land use changes affect the nutrient budget in the Guayas basin-Ecuador: Ecological and economic implications. Analysis and simulation of Skeletonema costatum Grev.

Cleve annual abundance patterns in lower Narragansett Bay to Ocean circulation and climate at the Eemian and last glacial inception. Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen Norway , pp. Tensile strength and fracture mechanics of cohesive dry snow related to slab avalanches. Direct and indirect effects of bioturbation by the SW Atlantic burrowing crab Chasmagnathus granulata in estuarine environments. Organic carbon in a southeast Indian mangrove ecosystem: sources and utilization by different faunal communities.

Oceanic and climatic variability in the eastern tropical North Atlantic and over western Sahel during the last deglaciation and the Holocene. Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen Germany , pp. Relationship between community structure and the bio-optical properties of marine phytoplankton. Quaternary climate changes : A global sensitivity analysis-based emulation approach of climate model response to forcing.

Disturbance by fire and its role in the population biology and distribution of a rare temperate forest herb. Political, economic and social determinants of vulnerability to natural disasters. Multi-scale climate change modeling study over the Greater Horn of Africa. Couplings of watersheds to estuaries: Inputs, transport, and management of nitrogen from different sources.

Carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur cycling interactions in organic carbon rich extreme environments. Life in the cold biosphere: The ecology of psychrophile communities, genomes, and genes. Forests post Kyoto: Global priorities and local realities. Landscape scale controls on dissolved organic carbon flux in a mountainous catchment.

Physiological ecology of native and invasive blue mussels genus Mytilus in Central California. Photoacclimination of Phytoplankton in different biogeochemical provinces of the Southern Ocean and its significance for estimating primary production. Linking marine communities and ecosystems: Invertebrates mediate nutrient availability in intertidal communities. The influence of climate, soil and land-use on primary productivity and cheatgrass invasion in semi-arid ecosystems.

Empirical methods for the prediction of optical properties in shallow estuaries. Hydrologic ecosystem services: Managing land cover to enhance water resources. Ablation on the ice cap of King George Island Antarctica. Department of Geography, University of Freiburg Germany , pp. Zooplankton dynamics and gizzard shad recruitment in Ohio reservoirs: Exploring the generality of food web theory. Placing wildfire in context: Environmental and social dimensions of mitigation decision-making.

Valuation of ecosystem services in the Catalan coast. The use of noble gases in lake sediment pore water as environmental tracers. Salmon habitat restoration, farmland preservation and environmental drama in the Skagit River Valley. Sedimentology and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy of shallow water delta systems in the early Marsdenian Namurian Pennine basin, Northern England. Governing the fishing commons: Institutions, ecosystems and democracy in the co-management of Maine lobster and groundfish.

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Daphnia swimming behavior and its role in predator-prey interactions. Local and fjord-wide patterns of benthic community structure. Social visibility and identity signaling behaviors. Vertical mixing by internal solitary waves in the Gulf of Maine. The ecology and paleolimnology of food web changes in Lake Victoria, East Africa.

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  • Arctic climate and water change: Information relevance for assessment and adaptation. North Atlantic deep water and Antarctic bottom water: Their interaction and influence on modes of the global ocean circulation. Reproductive ecology of a deep-water scleractinian coral, Oculina varicosa from the south-east Florida shelf. Conservation and development: Following the middle path in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

    Photochemical effects on wetland and riverine dissolved organic matter, copper speciation, and copper toxicity to larval fathead minnows Pimephales promelas. The influence of habitat heterogeneity on variability in stream macroinvertebrate communities. The transport of fish larvae to estuarine nursery areas: A modeling study.

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    Distribution patterns of coccolithophorid blooms and their biogeochemical significance. The kinematics and dynamics of cross-hemispheric flow in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific. The ecology of the exotic zooplankter, Bythotrephes longimanus in a reservoir system: evaluating the role of multiple environmental factors in life-cycle completion. The impact of biophysical conditions on food prices in three Sahelian Countries.

    Snow microwave emission modeling: applications in Antarctica and Quebec. Public land and American democratic imaginaries: A case study of conflict over the management of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Anthropology, University of Washington United States , pp.