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This type of writing is basically a debate typed out on paper. As you get into an argumentative essay, you have to be aware of the pros and cons of the argument.

The only instance when you can place an opinion under suspicion is when you have proof. In persuasive writing facts and figures are thrown out the window and the writer has to convince the reader of his or her beliefs just with the use of his or her own words. Both types of essays have their challenges that you have to keep in mind. Some students may feel that a little research before writing up a lengthy essay is easier than trying to know what your audience wants to read. Or vice versa.

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In other words, an argumentative essay is based on logic and reasons while a persuasive essay is based on emotions and personal opinions. Fiesta is the term used to refer to a festival. Most of these fiestas are celebrated in honor of a patron saint. To summarize it all, at least every city or municipality has a fiesta. Some prime examples include Sinulog from Cebu and Dinagyang of Iloilo.


In Indonesia , the Independence Day and the birthday of Pancasila are important. Association football is widely popular in Asia. Boxing , badminton , and table tennis are very popular in East Asia. Baseball is popular in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. In many parts of Asia, rice is a staple food, and it is mostly served steamed or as a porridge known as congee. China is the world largest producer and consumer of rice. While grain flatbread were consumed in the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent.

Traditionally, many Asians eat using their bare hand; this is a common practice in Central, South, and West Asia. However, western cutlery such as spoons and forks are currently being used increasingly and have also become widely available.

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With the advent of western cutlery, it may be viewed as rude in these nations to eat using the bare hands in some public places. In Indonesia and the Philippines, people usually use western cutlery such as the spoon, fork, and knife. While in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Vietnam, people usually use chopsticks to eat traditional food, but the shape of chopsticks are different in these countries.

For example, Chinese chopsticks are long and square; Vietnamese chopsticks are long, being thick at one end and then gradually getting thinner at the other end, and are made of wood or bamboo; Japanese chopsticks are rounder, short, and spiral, having been designed to eat bony fish easily; Taiwanese chopsticks are made of materials such as bamboo , wood, and metal; Korean chopsticks are short, flat, and made of metal.

It is said that wood is rarer than metal on the Korean Peninsula [ citation needed ] and that metal chopsticks can prevent poisoning. Fresh raw fish cuisines, such as sushi and sashimi are very popular in East Asia especially Japan. These raw fish dishes were influenced by two major cultures: Chinese and Japanese. In India, people often eat food with their hands, and many spices such as cardamom , cumin , and fennel seeds are used in every dish.

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Most spices originated within the Indian subcontinent. Durians are a common fruit in Southeast Asia , which, Alfred Russel Wallace , attested to its delicious flavor as worth the entire cost of his trip there. The cuisine of Indonesia possess rich and diverse collection of dishes and recipes with regional cooking tradition flourished, such as Minang Sundanese to Balinese.

Most Indonesians consume steamed rice with flavorful meat, fish, and vegetables in one serving such as in Nasi Padang and nasi campur. Other notable example include rendang , satay , soto , and nasi goreng. In Filipino banquet , many unique dishes have arisen because of the country's long years of colonization and interactions with other neighboring cultures and nations; it has inherited Latin, Malay, Chinese, and American influences to its people's local blend.

Chicken tikka , a well-known dish across the globe, reflects the amalgamation of South Asian cooking styles with those from Central Asia.

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