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The courses cover the basic knowledge and skills needed for taking regular courses so that graduates of international schools and foreign students can gain basic academic skills and fulfill their regular course requirements successfully. The courses are also offered online for prospective students of the 1 st round of undergraduate applications. Course requirements are to be set independently by each department, as well as taking the following mandatory courses 10 credits in total :.

System Design Project: With the approval of the associated department, credits may be transferred for research course thesis research credit of the associated department. Master's program students are allowed to take a total of 9 credits the subtitles are needed for opening special courses and are recorded on academic records.

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Industry Coop. General Studies Requirements. The education at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology KAIST is focused on cultivating problem solving capability and independent creative research ability in addition to traditional education through lectures. The curriculum is organized and integrated to lead from bachelor's to master's to Ph.

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Complete one of the following programs: 7H leadership training or phoenix leadership training. Complete one of the following programs: photography, musical instruments, jazz dance, hip-hop, acapella. Average Score for Students with Hearing Impairment at least 3 rd degree. Graduate student research in integrative biology combines approaches from molecular biology to ecology to illuminate how organisms function and how they interact with their environment.

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Faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences have research interests covering a broad spectrum of contemporary biology. Student research frequently involves collaboration with other scientists from other institutions or field work in diverse settings.

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