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In a conclusion, you can assume what effects this event may have in the future. Cause essays are somewhat opposite to the previous type as they are focused on causes. A typical introduction describes effects of a certain event. After this, a body of an essay provides readers with information on everything that could cause the event, supporting every suggestion with pieces of evidence.

How To Write A Cause And Effect Essay (Definition + Topics + Outline)

We also suggest choosing the most important cause and arguing mostly for it. The conclusion may restate your idea of what the most important cause is, or offer your readers to make a decision. Cause argument essays are aimed to support a certain idea.

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For example, most people believe that global warming is caused by cars but you think that the main reason is cattle ranching. In this case, your introduction must describe effects global warming and present the common opinion on this issue. After this, the body part explains your own opinion and supports it with facts. Here you also need to refute other points.

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In the conclusion, you have to explain to your readers why they should accept your point. The introduction considers effects, the body section describes various causes, and the conclusion asks the audience to decide or reveals your own opinion. Thesis A common approach implies ending the introduction with a question. Organizing The body is a backbone of your essay, and this is a part where you often explain why your opinion on causes and effects is better than others.

Why your problem is a big deal Here is where you will explain how your problem impacts us and why we should care about it.

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Cause 1 Argue for the first cause of your problem using facts and examples from your research and observations. Cause 2 Argue for the second cause of your problem using facts and examples from your research and observations. Cause 3 Argue for the third cause of your problem using facts and examples from your research and observations. Alternative causes and objections Explain why people might disagree with you and other causes that are blamed for this problem.

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