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The technical aspect of nursing is more than ordinary technology. Nurses have to be critical thinkers and to know how to solve problems in the most optimum way possible.

As a profession, nurses have been educating patients, conducting research, and advocating for care. Watson, J. However, the artful acts in nursing are those activities that science cannot explain.

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The art in nursing is the individual practice of the nurse—patient interaction. Attempts are made to reincorporate art and science in ways that are morally, socially, aesthetically, and ecologically grounded by being accountable to a larger whole Blondeau, D, New relationships are being established between arts and healing. The act of the nurse treating each patient interaction as a sacred and artful act can be just as beautiful and healing.

The Importance of the Nurse-Patient Relationship Essay

The mere presence of the nurse can be more healing than all technology available today. In order for these elements to be put in place, society can expect these activities from the nursing discipline. Nursing as a Discipline Nursing is presented as a unique, independent, and a disciplined profession. A discipline is associated with following a standard way of doing things. There are many areas in which organizations are attempting to take disciplines and create a profession from it Hayne, Y. The goal of the discipline is to expand knowledge and human experiences through creative perception and research.

This knowledge is the scientific guide to living the art of nursing Interaction between a nurse and a patient at a specific time and place is a very important discipline.

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Orlando states, that nursing discipline must be put in a certain order to enable the best outcome for a positive relationship between the nurses and clients George, J. Secondly, the nurse and the client in cooperation, decide to resolve the need in an appropriate manner. Lastly, an evaluation of this action is carried out after it is complete. The process recycles if there is no change or the behaviour of the patient gets worse. To enable the discipline of nursing to grow, nursing needs leaders who can articulate the place of nursing within modern society. By doing so, nursing can ensure its positive contribution to health care and provide society a better understanding of health.

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Read more. The Role of the AD Nurse words - 4 pages ensure the best outcome for the patient. The AD nurse must develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient in order to effectively treat and provide advocacy. During my clinical rotation I was able to implement many of these steps. I provided daily physical assessments, took vital signs, implemented hygiene care, fed patients, re-positioned patients and changed bed linens. During each shift I was responsible for communicating with my patient.

Through this process, nurses use knowledge of both self and patient along with spiritual influences to provide appropriate care Black, A Career as a Pediatric Nurse - Essay words - 2 pages work field, and have many different qualities. Pediatric nurses do a lot of the same tasks as a regular nurse. They draw blood, check vital signs, can perform physical examinations, and order diagnostic tests.

However, the job of a pediatric nurse goes beyond regular nurses.

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Parents usually prefer a pediatric nurse over a regular. Treating the patient and family as one, can have improved outcomes, decrease hospital stays, increased patient satisfaction, and improved reimbursements for the hospital. Developing a relationship with not only the patient, but family as well, can pay off in the long run by providing better communication, better quality of care, and trust.

The patient and family. Nurses and Non Verbal Communication words - 6 pages interview between a nurse and patient often creates the climate and bond for an ongoing relationship. Therefore, it is important that trust, confidence and respect are established to enable a open and mutual value for one another.

Three Phases of the Nurse-Patient Relationship

To create this bond, and to communicate effectively, nurses need to "empty oneself of ones own prejudices, patterns of responding and frame of reference" Shipley to enable a safe environment for patients to. Importance of a Therapeutic Relationship in Nursing words - 6 pages explaining the role, the procedure and the constraints dependant on the role including explain boundaries of the relationship , as well as knowing the expectations of the patient.

In , she published Philosophy and Science of Caring. In was in this work that she called for a greater emphasis on caring within the nursing profession Black Emphasizing how the nurse and patient change together with what she calls transpersonal caring.

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Consumption of some foods or drinks for a very long time can lead to health complications while some foods can lead to healthy bodies. Your email address will not be published. Orientation Stage In this stage, a therapeutic environment is established. Termination or Resolution Stage This stage comes when the problem is resolved, and objectives are achieved when the patient is either discharged from the hospital or transferred to some other room or duty is ended.

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