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In each part, you will have three listening passages: one conversation, between a student and campus employee, and two academic lectures. The conversations last minutes and the academic lectures are approximately five minutes each. You will be asked five questions after the conversation, ten in total, and six questions after each of the four academic lectures, 24 in total.

The question types, like in the Reading section, vary. This chart explains the question types, with examples of phrasing, and the frequency of the question type:.


Curious what these conversations and lectures sound like? Exam English provides some audio samples here. Use this break wisely. Stand up, stretch your legs, use the restroom, or have a small snack. The Speaking section is different from the previous Listening and Reading sections. In this section, you will answer six questions. The first two questions are independent questions and the remaining four questions are integrated questions.

The independent questions focus on your opinion about a topic. You have 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak for each question. Here are a few examples:. What advice would you give to a friend who is traveling abroad to study at a university? Do you agree or disagree with following statement: All high school students should wear school uniforms. The integrated questions are all different in type, task, and time to prepare and speak.

They all involve a listening passage, and questions three and four also include a reading passage.

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You will be expected to discuss and summarize each. Here is a breakdown of the four integrated speaking questions:. The Writing section also lasts one hour. Here, you will be expected to write an essay in response to two separate writing tasks.

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The first is an integrated writing task, and the second is an independent writing task. The integrated writing is almost identical to question 4 in the Speaking Section above. You will read a passage, listen to a lecture, and then write about the two. The last question on the exam is the independent writing task. You will be asked for your opinion about a topic, similar to Speaking questions 1 and 2 above. Looking for more information on the Writing section?

Check out this link from the ETS website. This is a timed test! Therefore, it is very important to get used to working with the clock. This will prepare you to work under pressure and manage your time on test day. See the time breakdowns above for each section of the exam. If you are struggling, practice without a timer first.

Start to incorporate the timer with your TOEFL studies once you feel more comfortable working under the clock. Therefore, you should be practicing with spellcheck turned off! You are going to be responsible for finding your own grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes on test day, so start practicing this now!

This is especially true for the Writing section, where you will be writing to word essays. Want more tips for how to tackle the Writing section? Throughout the test, one of the most important things to do is to take notes! You will need to give yourself a little extra time to gather your thoughts and plan your answers.

So, during the exam, you need to take good notes. Therefore, you should practice taking notes on your practice tests too. Want to know more about taking notes in the Reading section? You need someone who knows about the TOEFL to listen to your speaking and read your writing responses.

They will tell you your strengths, weaknesses and exactly what you need to do to improve. Be prepared for a noisy room on test day. At the test center, you will hear the voices of other students because everyone will be responding to the speaking section questions at different times.

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There will also be noise from people dropping their pencils, coughing, opening and closing doors, etc. Trust us, it is not going to be ideal for test taking. So, in order to simulate this kind of test environment, take your complete TOEFL practice tests in a coffee shop or in another, louder area. That way, you will already know how to ignore these kinds of distractions on test day! I am feeling very anxious this morning. My test is this coming Saturday 28 September and it feels like despite studying and reading a lot, I am not getting far! Is this normal?


Hi Corlia and thank you for your question. For the speaking and writing sections, everyone performs at a different level and has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is hard for me to give specific advice to you in your situation without reading your writing. However, if you are comfortable writing in complex lexical and grammatical then try to sound smart!

Many students struggle to overcome these issues, but the good news is they're not difficult to solve, and we're going to show you exactly how simple it is right now. Please don't undervalue the simplicity of these steps. It's simple, but requires effort and dedication. However, we're here to help you stay on track and to make sure your progressing enough to achieve your target score :. We have over TOEFL lessons from basic core lessons to advanced lessons teaching specific skills for specific issues. Practice your newly learned skills.

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This isn't really a step, but it needs to be mentioned. After about 5 - 7 days of practice, go back and do steps 1 - 3 again. There are 4 major reasons why it's important, so let's look at each one now. Therefore, taking a practice test, at least a practice test from BestMyTest, is like taking an official exam.

This experience will help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your actual exam. Stress is the biggest reason why test takers with a high English level do not achieve their target scores. By going into TOEFL unprepared, you're more likely to feel stressed out from small mistakes that test takers with more experience learned to ignore.

That's just one example, but many others exist, so you want to improve your odds by practicing as much as you can. Think of it like preparing for a marathon. You cannot show up and run 10 miles unprepared; it takes consistency and dedication to train your body and mind to run the whole marathon. Of course, it's not exactly like a marathon, but you get the idea. By about the 3 hour mark, if you are not utilizing our tips and strategies from how to score high in TOEFL , you may run out of energy.


Our TOEFL lessons will help teach you when and where you should focus your energy, so you are not wasting it on things that don't matter. The quality of questions you practice matters, and it matters a lot. If you practice easy questions, you're going to do poorly on the reading and speaking section, especially. Now, If you're interested, you might be able to find good reading passages from national geographic, academic essays from certain school websites, and good speeches from TED videos, but none of them come close, in terms of length and format, compared to what you'll experience from the official TOEFL test.

Last, but certainly not least, it's a great way to identify your strengths and weaknesses. As we've mentioned, there are four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and even though your reading scores might be excellent, you could struggle with the speaking section. In this case, the speaking section would be considered your weakness and could be the reason you fail to achieve your target TOEFL score. In summary, a good TOEFL practice test can give you the most authentic test experience possible and offer you add-on tips, teaching, and answers to help you improve and learn better.

The simple answer is as many as you can. This is to help you gauge where you're at. Next, you'll need to figure out how much time you have before your test date and how many practice tests you have available to you. Some students might need even longer.