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The MFA Final Examination is a critical evaluation of your creative intentions and of how well those intentions have been actualized in the play, screenplay, or book-length work of prose or poetry that you have produced.

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You are responsible for knowing the deadlines for submitting your thesis and for all other deadlines related to completing your thesis work. Visit the Graduate School office West David Boyd Hall the semester before the semester you plan to graduate for deadlines and procedures concerning requests for a Final Exam and submitting the thesis to your committee.

MFA in Creative Writing

Thesis defenses usually take place in March or early April, though they can be scheduled earlier. The defense must be held two weeks before you formally submit your thesis to the university. You are responsible for coordinating the time and date of your thesis defense in consultation with your committee in the fall semester of your third year.

You are also responsible for booking the room in which your defense will be held with the English Office and notifying your committee members of the location. If you wish to have an open defense, you must consult with the chair of your committee about the possibility early in the thesis process. Theses may be formally submitted to the Thesis Committee no more than twice for defense. All members of your committee must agree to pass your thesis.

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If your thesis is not approved at the second submission, you are considered terminated from the graduate program at the end of the examination semester. After your successful thesis defense, submit the approved and corrected thesis including any corrections required by the Graduate School to the Graduate School. Skip to main content. They foster the growth of a vital community of writers, through a variety of experiences that help the emerging writer embark on a successful writing life.

Our program offers multiple opportunities for students to get actively and professionally involved in literary publishing, and we offer many opportunities for students to participate in all aspects of literary events programming. Students are encouraged to enroll in our Practicum in Literary Arts course, where they serve on the editorial staff of our nationally distributed literary magazine, The Normal School.

MFA Degree Requirements

Our university has enjoyed a thriving graduate Creative Writing Program for more than forty years. The M.

A wide variety of literary events happen regularly at coffeehouses, bookstores, and art galleries around town, and several excellent anthologies have focused exclusively on the work of this region's writers, many of whom are former or current students and faculty of the program. Looking back, there are some places where I wished I had formulated my ideas a bit more. I also wanted something that pointed at a larger motif in the work.

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Oral Lore points at the fact that many of the poems are myths or mythic, stories of re-making and transformation. So, my adviser suggested the title I have now. All in all, I did get some good pointers on how to move from thesis to book. I need to move some poems from a later section to an earlier section, and I need to look at re-ordering the second section a bit. I also got some good suggestions on inspiration for future poems I could stick in the work to keep pointing at that major theme.

Andrew Dillon's MFA thesis defense & public reading

The literature faculty member on my thesis committee also gave me great insight from her point of view. She looked at my work in terms of gender, in terms of arc, and her comments were particularly helpful in seeing how a non-creative writer might see and approach my book.


This is exactly what I needed to finish shaping this book. I hope that once I graduate in August! First, congrats on the defense. Building up a support network is always a good idea.

Let me tell you what was wrong with it. The group did me no good, so I eventually left it. Over the phone! How weird!