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A good paper is focused and organized, and a preliminary outline will help any writer achieve that goal. The preliminary outline states topics that will support the thesis. A preliminary outline will not be particularly detailed; it includes basic categories of information. In fact, think of the preliminary outline as a blueprint. A blueprint is a general framework for the house; it does not include the wall colors or the furniture within each room.

A preliminary outline is very similar.

It has the basic framework for the paper without having the very specific details. Those details will be included later on.

Research Paper Outline Examples

Kleppner and Cynthia Skelton, "figuring out how to support the thesis statement will help to identify a useful topic heading for the note cards, to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant material, and to know where to put the relevant material. Every paper you write, and therefore every outline you create, will have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction will always be the very first paragraph, and the conclusion will always be the very last paragraph. The body , therefore, falls in the middle.

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The formatting for the body of a paper will not be the very same for every single paper that you write. A good organizational tip is to divide the body into three subtopics. Though this may not be applicable to every paper, it will apply to many, and it's the organizational pattern that will be used for this research paper.

So, your preliminary outline should have five categories or Roman numerals , and two of them have already been determined: the introduction and the conclusion. You are now left to determine the three subtopics that will be discussed in the body of your paper. Dallas Baptist University Writing Center provides a good basic explanation of the purpose of the preliminary outline: Outlining: Structuring a Paper.

Read over this article and take note of any new information introduced. Move on to the Got It? We help prepare learners for a future that cannot yet be defined.

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  • They must be ready for change, willing to learn and able to think critically. Elephango is designed to create lifelong learners who are ready for that rapidly changing future. Preliminary Outline Contributor: Jodi Powell. Lesson ID: Without a skeleton, our flesh and organs would look pretty messy!

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    I love to allow students the chance to share research and the product of all of their hard work, as it creates a better learning climate, fosters a sense of joy in learning, and gives peers the chance to interact around academic inquiry. As discussed in the "Building Knowledge" section, all non-presenting students will also be required to ask at least 3 critical questions throughout the day. This listener component is important for both the listener and speaker, as it requires listeners to actively pay attention and critically engage, and speakers need to be prepared and demonstrate flexibility to answer questions on the spot using their research.

    Since I have relatively huge class sizes, these presentations will only be about minutes a piece which is a shame! I've attached here presentations that students created for this activity, but students could have alternately just delivered their presentation from their written outline as well. In the final minutes of class, I will congratulate and thank all of my students for working so hard to complete their research papers.

    I will also ask students who have not yet submitted their papers to Turnitin.

    Research Paper Outline Examples

    For all students who have submitted their essays already, they have the weekend off to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor! I will begin grading research papers almost immediately after the "late credit" submission expires if not before. Until every single paper is turned in, my main priority is on communicating with students and parents of students who have NOT yet turned in their essays.

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    Maintaining this open communication with students and parents is key to running a transparent, open classroom, and it prevents any "shocked" students or parents when late credit or 0's begin to be assigned. The routine checking of submissions and "research extras" is time-consuming, but again, the time invested in preventing issues is always better spent than time dealing with issues that could have been prevented. After grading has begun, I use Turnitin.

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    Since my rubric has already been uploaded and weighted, it is extremely easy to use and transfer points values from their platform to my Skyward gradebook. Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning. Professional Learning.

    Learn more about. Sign Up Log In. SWBAT present extemporaneous speeches, pose critical questions about their peers' speeches, and respond to their peers' questions regarding their argumentative research project. Lesson Author. Grade Level. Listening: Evaluation and Analysis. Introduction 15 minutes.

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