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Our program also informs the students about the leadership, motivation, change, decision making, planning, problem solving and communication processes that are necessary for effective management of an educational institution. The planning, supervision and evaluation of the educational processes are also within the scope of the program.

The economical dimension of education is also of great importance. The experts educated in our program will also be trained in the subjects of education economy, budgeting, and cost-effectiveness. Employees in these areas will be trained in order to gain the ability to conduct needs analysis and organize courses for the continuous improvement of staff.

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The Master of Education Management and Planning program has a full-time staff of two professors and two assistant professors. Throughout the program we offer research-based education with the use of all kinds of educational technologies.

Trend of research in Educational Administration, Gaps and priorities

Smart boards are available in all our classes. Faculty members can show videos and films related to the subject they teach through smart boards. In addition, our students make presentations using smart boards and share their projects with their group members.

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Our classes have equipment that allows students to work in teams. The students who are studying in the Master of Education Management and Planning program are given the opportunity to do scientific researches, participate in conferences and publish their works in scientific journals as well as theoretical lectures.

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To build students' knowledge and understanding in the field of educational administration and planning, school leadership and management, educational policy development and some other allied disciplines including curriculum development, instruction, measurement and assessment,. To build the capacity of the students to design and carry out research in various domains of educational administration and planning and allied disciplines,.

As a result, the students are expected to be able to follow developments in educational administration and planning, reframe these developments by use of theory and develop practical suggestions to improve the capacity of schools the at national and international levels.

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A philosophy putting the students at the center of teaching practice in various seminars is expected to make the students true life-long learners. The program accepts students with an undergraduate diploma from different disciplines.

Students have to successfully complete 8 courses, two of which are research and statistics, three area courses, two electives and one thesis preparation course.