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Feel free and use this list as a reference when thinking about an essay prompt that your students or children will love.

Develop their writing skills, along with critical or creative thinking skills by asking them to write about any of these essays. In some of these essays, they will also enhance their comparison or reflective writing skills. As early as middle school, these kids will learn the value of gratitude and express it in the form of writing. Using these thanksgiving creative writing prompts, they may also be able to appreciate the value and essence of this celebration even further.

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Best Thanksgiving Writing Paper Topics Possessing gratitude is one of the most important messages behind the holiday. If you were to send five useful tweets to your followers on Twitter, what would you tell them in characters, and why? This topic helps them think and express their appreciation to their followers and friends on the social media site. What do you like most about it? This essay prompt will make them reflect on ways that their immediate family or extended families really celebrate the day. They can also compare any similarities or differences. If you would invite a special friend or relative who is living miles away from your home, who would this person be and why did you choose him or her?

Middle School Writing Prompts

It is one of the best writing prompts for Thanksgiving that will develop their thinking skills, so go ahead and ask them to answer the prompt! Would you want that to happen again, and why? This is one of the funny thanksgiving writing prompts to ask your student to write about and remember. It will enhance their memory skills while also being creative in the process of sharing a funny and memorable event. What would those foods be and why did you choose to share them instead of other foods?

Describe each of them. Ask them to list 10 things that they are very thankful for, and describe each. You may also ask them to write these top 10 things in the descending or reverse order to be more creative!

17 Thanksgiving Writing Prompts for a Middle School

Find an interesting photograph with single or multiple elements - a leaf, a waterfall, an old couple, a pair of shoes, etc. What do you think led to such a moment being captured on camera? Describe it in the form of a story with you being the photographer. Do you think good grades are the only thing that matter in a student?

What other qualities do you think a student should have? Describe in detail. Go to the mall or park and write about any person, object, or situation.

Creative Writing Prompts

Describe how you feel when looking at it from an outsider's point of view. Ensure that every feeling is described in detail, such as 'The bunch of leaves was a sight for sore eyes, soothing them immensely and exuding a sense of calm in me. The motive behind any of these prompts is to ignite a spark which will turn into the flame of creativity. Do not discard the thought process behind any piece of writing. Nothing is right or wrong, and since most of the prompts are based on personal opinion, they may vary.

Just be open to any idea, and get those young minds to think out of the box. Write for us. Jenny Harper:.

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Middle School Writing Prompts

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