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#2: Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy

Volunteering allows you to meet a wide variety of people from all sorts of walks of life. Networking is an amazing benefit of volunteering, and students learn professional skills and have access to a breadth of knowledge from their co-volunteers. Interacting with new types of people, though extremely difficult, has developed my people skills. While no monetary compensation is received, many will tell you that their work and experiences gained as a volunteer were worth way more than any money they could have gotten from another line of work.

Volunteer work makes us feel good.

Forced Volunteering: Taking Away the Purpose of Volunteering

It builds self-confidence and lifts up the spirits. So yes, do it, but do what you want to do and because you want to do it. Basically, you get out of it what you put into it. Charity work gives students opportunities to test out a desired career path. Concurrently, it gives them an edge on their resume. Getting involved with an organization that shares similar ideals and interests is an important step for students. At a young and pretty inexperienced age, volunteering is an excellent gateway to the workforce. By gaining new experiences and creating new connections, volunteers are able to better visualize themselves in that field and explore the daunting question: can I see myself doing this for life?

And, even if the organization you do get involved with has nothing to do with your intended career path, it might end up surprising you. So, take a chance by getting outside of the beloved comfort zone through volunteer work. As if I would end this article without going back to this hot mess. Unfortunately for us, we live in a pretty competitive world.

Volunteering Essay Sample [A+ Words Essay]

College admissions has become much more than GPAs, test scores, and letters of recommendations. You, as a highly motivated and worried college-bound student, already know that. So, get out there and get involved. Stop stressing about the number of hours, and start having fun. Yes, volunteering can be fun. Good Life Volunteering Trends Give. In light of the increased interest in volunteering amongst persons with more flexible schedules like teens, college students, and retirees, Heifer International runs study tours to enable these demographics combine travel with volunteerism.

Also, Heifer International has a specific fundraising ideas section on its website for youth groups. Community giving and combining personal enrichment with volunteering is likely to become an even more significant trend in the future, as the population grows older and also as students seek to improve their resumes for colleges and for the competitive job market with unique experiences like volunteering for organizations like Heifer International. Corporation For National and…… [Read More]. Managing and Motivating Volunteering Staff. This requires that the leadership from the top to the bottom have to be made to work together in a proper manner.

This has to be done for the sake of maintaining a proper leadership system in the organization in question.

Essay on the Importance of Volunteering

The situation is trickier in situation where the employees are working on voluntary system basis because there is little remuneration to boost their motivation. In such cases, instances of quarrels and disagreements between the top leadership and the rest of the employees are commonplace. This is evident in the case of the Online University. The management had chosen to open a broadcasting station for use in communication. The following study identifies the appropriate management strategy for employees a volunteering regime.

The Online University has understaffed its management. It is run…… [Read More]. Volunteer to Better Health.

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Volunteer to etter Health Volunteerism and Personal Development While an academic definition of volunteerism is any activity in which time and talent is given freely to deliver services or perform tasks to benefit another person, group or cause with no direct financial compensation expected, volunteering is really just a more organized form of giving of ourselves to contribute in some way to shape our own future and that of others. Surveys show that most people believe that helping others has a positive effect on the general well-being of both the donor and the recipient.

The positive relationship between subjective and objective well-being and volunteer work include life-satisfaction, self-esteem, and self-rated health. Also, volunteers increase the opportunity to advance educational and occupational objectives when exploring the idea that volunteering benefits both the helper and the helped. It has also been suggested that the degree of one's well-being in helping redress the…… [Read More].

The CAFV started out as a hotline service but has not blossomed into comprehensive shelter that aims to protect those who have been harmed due to domestic violence. To become a volunteer at CAFV, a lengthy and tough training program is necessary. Since many of the women who use these services need protection, confidentiality and security policies are put into place that make it difficult to simply volunteer at this shelter.

A lengthy application must be filled out as well as a criminal background check must be performed before you are allowed to volunteer at this shelter. Personal references are also required.

This process is much like being employed there as the hiring standards and the volunteering standards are very similar. According to…… [Read More]. Volunteers in Community Safety the. Examples of material donations are the kits and medication used for the treatment of rehabilitated youths who formerly indulged in drug abuse. The Local Authority -- the local authority is another important source of funding for the project.

The local authority gives cash donations as well as the provision of community warders to aid in providing security in the neighbourhoods and town. Power and stratification within the organisation The etter Youth project is an initiative that is headed by the UK government through the home office. Most of the administrative decisions are made by the Home Office through the Directors who is chosen by the home office. The projects are to be done through the direct supervision of both the Home Office and the various stakeholders.

Engagement with the community My engagement with the community is based on patriotism. Volunteers America's involvement responsibilityto community. Summarize factors influenced social responsibility The social responsibility strategies of the Volunteers of America were shaped by a number of interrelated factors. The most eminent of these pertained to Christianity.

The organization was conceived as a means of propagating Christianity's notions of goodwill towards all when it was initiated in by Maud and Ballington Booth. Christianity is a religion that focuses on social responsibility and is extremely community oriented. It was this aspect of this religion that led the founders of this organization to attempt to have a volunteer-based organization to carry out the goals of the religion, which became largely synonymous with the goals of the organization.

Specifically, factors relating to the strategies for social responsibility for Volunteers of America, have to do with social reform as conceived by Methodists during the 18th century. Social reform movements that were religiously inspired in the…… [Read More]. Volunteer Placement at Open Hand. The Catechism of the Catholic Church has a discussion of a "Love for the Poor," stating "those who are oppressed by poverty are the object of a preferential love on the part of the Church" "Article 7: The Seventh Commandment, VI. Love for the Poor, ".

With these words and teachings of the Church, I took it as my duty to help those in need, realizing that, although we may be classed as a rich country, we still have the same social problems as many so-called third world countries. Through the past 20 hours of service at Project Open Hand, I have learned a great deal about poverty in the country in which I live and have seen the relevance of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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  6. Although I myself was greatly surprised by how little I knew about the poverty situation in the United States, there is a great…… [Read More]. Need for More Volunteer Firefighters. Volunteer Firefighters Need for More Volunteer Firefighters Volunteer Firefighting is declining at an alarming pace and there are many reasons associated with this worrisome trend.

    It is imperative to not only study those cause but also devise practical means of resolving the problems of recruitment and retention. This paper, therefore, discusses the major reasons and the consequential recommendations as to improving volunteer firefighter numbers. The need for an active firefighting force in itself is inherently important for large scale disaster management. Disaster management is a field that always calls for improvement in today's world as lives are vulnerable to hazards almost every day.

    And needless to say that firefighting in particular, is a venerable trade that deserves to have more investment in terms of physical as well as human capital. The need to augment the value of firefighting as a profession is ever prevalent, not only because of the exalted…… [Read More]. Volunteer Firefighting The current setting of our country's economic position leaves many questions unanswered and creates new problems in unexpected areas.

    Volunteer firefighters are in short demand these days and it is necessary and important to investigate and gain knowledge of the reasons why this trend is occurring. The purpose of this essay is to examine some root causes of the current decline in volunteer firefighting across the United States of America.

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    In addition to describing the causes of this problem, I will also introduce some proposed solutions that may be helpful in setting a new trend towards solving this problem. Most agree in today's world volunteer firefighters are in sharp decline and retention of these workers is suffering as well. Markley recently warned the firefighting community when stated that "when the National Fire Protection Association released its latest figures on the number of firefighters in the United States…… [Read More].

    Volunteering is a way in which an individual can enrich his or her life while serving others. Volunteering provides a sense of community and self-worth. Perspectives can improve and lives can be changed when one chooses to volunteer and give of oneself. One reason why I volunteer is simply because the school needs help with so many functions and activities.