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The entire system is built into the one layer.

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These seams are welded together. The material is long lasting and will hold up better to the elements than BUR roofs. Some brands last longer than others.

I currently only use Certainteed brand of modified. I won't risk using just any brand that might I find out years later, and many roofs later, that it didn't hold up as well. The main problem I have seen with these roofs are installation problems. People that are inexperienced with rubber roofs do not properly weld the seams together. An improperly installed rubber roof is more prone to leaking than an improperly installed BUR roof.

Obstacles: When an obstacle is encountered the paper must be cut around it and sealed.

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Obstacles range from chimneys to vents to drain boxes. In essence there is a hole in the roof where an obstacle occurs and the roof must be kept sealed around it.

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In time, if the roof is not checked, over the years these can open up. Old Age: Eventually the roof will rot away.

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It can not last forever. The life span of a BUR roof will depend on how many plies there are, the drainage, etc. The fewer the plies the less that would have to rot before water could come in. The life span of a good BUR or rubber roof should be about 10 to 15 years if taken care of. Open Seams: It is possible for a seam between 2 layers to open although this would be the least likely of the 3 except for rubber roofs.

If a seam were to open on a BUR roof water could ride between the sheets until it gets to the deck underneath. Since the layers are overlapped in an uphill direction water would have to travel uphill between the layers to get through. So even if a seam were to open the water would still not get through. But, when snow lays on a roof it prevents the water from draining properly and this can cause water to travel uphill.

But on a rubber roof, if a seam opens water does not have to travel far to reach the old roof.

If the seams on a rubber roof are not welded properly there is a greater chance of water penetration. So what's best? The best roof is a rubber roof. They will hold up better and do not require any coatings over the life span of the roof. Years ago roofs were done in 4 ply but the paper used then was asphalt paper. Today, fiberglass paper is used and a 3 ply fiberglass roof is considered equivalent to a 4 ply asphalt paper roof. A BUR roof requires periodic coatings to keep it in good shape but rubber roofs do not.

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Additional the college papers want to obtain a reference page and in text citations. We focus on giving your home a long-lasting shelter that keeps us safe through all weather conditions. Guardian Roofing can remove your roof and install a new one to give your home years of protection. We offer an array of roofing materials, styles, and colors. We can install a replica of your old roof or mix things up with something new and modern.

Enhance the long-term beauty and performance of your home today! The underlayment is the first defense against various natural elements.

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We install self-adhering waterproofing underlayment at the vulnerable areas to prevent leaks from ice dams and heavy rains. Next, we put up a water-resistant underlayment over the roof deck that acts as a second layer and barrier against leaks. The starter shingles are the first set of shingles we install.

They work with the roof shingles on top to ensure optimum performance and sealing. Next, we give you a fantastic choice of shingles that match your roof design, budget, and home personality. Once we install the shingles, we move on to add some accessories like hip and ridge caps to deliver a distinctive finishing touch to your brand new roof. Studies show that a roof that breathes tends to perform better in the long run and lasts longer too.